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Hi! I'm Lauren, a Certified Yoga Instructor as well as a Fitness & Nutrition coach. I created the Youtube channel  'Lean with Lauren' featuring yoga flows, strength training exercises, vegan recipe videos and more! My goal is to inspire you to get healthy, get happy and create a life you love living! 

After earning my degree in Film & Broadcast Journalism and spending a decade in front of the camera, I started my own production company in 2017, Lauren Solomon Films. I now focus on Wedding + Lifestyle videography, as well as creating and producing my own health, fitness and wellness content. I'm incredibly passionate about sharing yoga, nutrition, fitness and holistic wellness tips, as well as educating others on the incredible benefits of a plant-based diet.

Thank you so much again for stopping by! It means the world to me that you're here and it is my goal to bring you content that adds value to your life and inspires you to create & enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle for years to come! 

For partnerships, collaborations and inquiries, email me below!

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A commonly asked question I get is "why plant based?"

Quick answer: 1) my personal health  2) the environment  3) ethics and animal rights.

Long answer: for me, it started purely with my health. I first went vegetarian in college after learning about some of the negative effects eating meat had on the body. I'd unfortunately seen too much cancer, heart disease, and other health problems at too early an age within my own family. Not all, but many of these issues could be prevented or reversed with a whole food, plant based diet.


A few years ago, I started to really develop a passion for Nutrition. I earned a Nutrition certification and of course did more research: documentaries, books, Youtube videos, etc.


Through these resources, I learned not only about the health benefits of plant based eating, but I also learned that animal agriculture is one of the worst contributors to greenhouse gas emissions & our environment.


Being an environmentalist already (yes, I'm the girl who always uses a re-usable bag and brings a Yeti with me every where I go to avoid wasting plastic cups at restaurants / bars), this obviously didn't sit well with me. Turns out one of the easiest ways to reduce our footprint and save our planet for future generations to come, is not taking quicker showers, but eliminating animal products.

Add the animal cruelty / inhumane factory farming piece and I knew I had to do my best, not just for me, but for all beings.

To me, being plant based is so much bigger than myself. It's truly a lifestyle of love and compassion for not only me, but for other people, for animals and for the beautiful planet we call home. 

That being said, my philosophy is that everyone should do what is best for them, at a pace that's best for them. This is a judgement free zone. :)


It's not about perfection, it's about doing your best!

For example: I am not vegan but I am vegan 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) and while I usually remain that way on the weekends, I allow myself the option of indulging in some cheese or eggs on weekends if I decide I want to. Just allowing myself that option makes maintaining the lifestyle really easy for me. This is what I've found works best for me in the long run and I encourage you to find what works best for you!

I believe in leading by example (with love and compassion) and if someone feels inspired, they’ll feel more likely to make healthy changes than if they were feeling pressure or made to feel inadequate in some way. Hopefully I can offer some inspiration and insight to those who are interested in adopting more of a plant-based lifestyle! :)

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